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    Path of Exile Mobile: everything you need to know

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    Since its release in 2013, Path of Exile has earned a special place in the hearts of many Action RPG (ARPG) fans around the world. And with the recent release of the Siege of Atlas expansion, more and more players are playing the game.

    In 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced at Exile Con that the iconic game would be coming to iOS and Android platforms. However, more than two years later, there hasn't been an update on when the mobile version of PoE will be released.

    This article will cover everything you need to know about Path of Exile Mobile; Read!

    What is Path of Exile Mobile?


    Path of Exile Mobile is a new way to experience one of the best ARPGs available. It offers the same great content as Path of Exile on PC, including the new Blight expansion, but with some mobile-specific improvements.

    Unlike other ARPGs, PoE mobile is designed to retain all the core aspects of the PC version of the game. The norm with most mobile ARPG options is that they are created as watered down versions of their PC/PS4 counterparts.

    If you're looking for a deeply satisfying and challenging ARPG to play on your mobile device, look no further than Path of Exile Mobile!

    Path of Exile Mobile apps

    There are three different Path of Exile mobile apps that you can find:

    The official Path of Exile mobile app

    This app is still under development by Grinding Gear Games. It is expected to be available on iOS and Android platforms. You will be able to manage your account, create characters and play the game in this app.

    The unofficial Path of Exile mobile app

    As expected, some entrepreneurs have already developed a copycat version of PoE, likely to cash in on the Grinding Gear Games announcement.

    A quick search will bring up the unofficial app that was not developed or published by Grinding Gear Games. It is available on Android and iOS platforms and allows you to play Path of Exile, but you will not be able to manage your account or create characters as you are not connected to the official PoE game servers.

    Please do not download or install this version on your device for security reasons.

    The Path of Exile mobile companion app

    The companion app is developed and published by a third party. It is available on iOS and Android platforms. You can use it to track your game progress, compare your character with your friends' characters, etc.

    There are many other apps related to PoE, but you should be careful with some of these unofficial apps. They can be useful, but they are not worth the risk of losing your PoE account.

    Path of Exile Mobile pros and cons

    Path of Exile has been out for some time now and it looks like it's here to stay. Based on the demo and some reports, the mobile version of the game has a lot to offer, but it also has its fair share of cons.


    • Graphics are impressive for a mobile game
    • It contains almost every aspect of the PC version
    • There's plenty of playable content to keep you busy
    • It's a free-to-play game


    • Depending on your device and internet connection, you may experience some delay
    • UI can be confusing for new players
    • Shorter gameplay to accommodate smartphone battery and processor limitations

    How is the gameplay?

    As a free action RPG for iOS and Android devices, the game is set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast and has a similar gameplay loop to other games in the genre. Players explore randomly generated dungeons, kill monsters and collect items. In addition, PoE also has a crafting system for players to craft their items and equipment, which can be used or traded with other players in the game.

    While Path of Exile Mobile is faithful to the original game, there are some differences with the mobile version. For example, the game includes a new tutorial area that helps players get used to touch controls.

    Additionally, the mobile version features slightly more streamlined gameplay, focusing on quick and easy combat encounters to accommodate all players. This can be considered as Grinding Gear Game's way of dealing with complaints raised by some players that some levels and missions in the game were too difficult.

    As with the PC version, mobile PoE is expected to feature seven classes suitable for different ARPG functions:

    • Duelist
    • Scion
    • Shadow
    • Witch
    • Marauder
    • Cleaning
    • Templar

    While different classes have their special attributes, the game's developers insist that the differences are largely cosmetic and that all classes are equally capable. So you shouldn't worry about going wrong with your class choice.

    PoE mobile is also expected to allow each class to have 1000 skills that can be unlocked freely at each level.

    In-game PoE economy

    The pay-to-win model rampant in most ARPGs has been criticized for its unfairness and the fact that it takes all the fun out of the game because it makes no sense to put effort into a game when you can jump ahead of the pack with a little money. .

    For this reason, Grinding Gear Games has always maintained that Path of Exile and all future releases will be free to play, which is great for true PoE fans. However, players can still upgrade their characters' skills and equipment using collectibles earned in-game. If the collected collectibles aren't enough, players have the option to buy PoE currency from reputable sellers.

    In-game microtransactions help Grinding Gear Games fund their operations rather than monetized ads, and players get the added bonus of seeing them in end-game scenarios.

    How does Path of Exile Mobile compare to the PC version?

    Path of Exile Mobile offers a lot of content and gameplay very similar to the PC version of the game. The team at Grinding Gear Games stated that they will develop the mobile version in-house to ensure that all critical components of the game are maintained and meet players' expectations.

    The main difference is obviously the controls and interface, which are designed specifically for mobile devices. Other than that, Path of Exile Mobile includes all the same expansion packs and updates as the PC version, so you never miss a thing. That said, expect the game to be as grueling as it is on PC.

    Is crossplay possible?

    While there hasn't been proper communication on the matter, it's highly likely that cross-play isn't possible. Cross-play functionality is currently not available for current PS4, Xbox, or PC versions, suggesting it won't be possible with mobile PoE.

    Finally a non-greedy ARPG

    If you're a fan of action RPGs and tired of the clunky action RPGs on mobile and the frequent ads, Path of Exile Mobile is worth checking out. Grinding Gear Games has consistently developed and published excellent variants of Path of Exile, and the mobile version will be no exception. When it comes to the gameplay, you can expect it to be as immersive as it is on PC, Xbox, or PS4.

    Remember to avoid installing unofficial PoE mobile apps on your device as they can be used by hackers to steal confidential information from you.


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