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    Pascal's Wager: the expansion's first boss appeared

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    The first boss of the “Deep in the Black Mist” expansion is now available to be fought in Pascal's Wager.

    Although the purchase of “DLC” has been available since the game's launch, the first boss in this area became available from yesterday (17). You'll find this new boss at the end of the Black Mist, just waiting for any Messenger motivated by your obsessions.

    For those who manage to defeat this terrifying new boss, players will obtain the rare “+5 Dark Mist Trophy”. This item was previously just a random drop, but will be rewarded for the bravest messengers who survive this challenge.

    See the locations of all the places where the “depths of the black mist” are located here.

    Pascal's Wager is available for download on Android and iOS. The paid game costs only BRL 20,99 on Android and BRL 14,90 on iOS.

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    [originally published July 18, 2020]

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