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    Papers, Please will get a mobile version in 2022

    The developer of the iconic indie game “Papers, Please” revealed through his Twitter account that he will release mobile versions of the game in 2022. “Papers, Please” will arrive for Android phones and iPhones on August 5th.

    On his Twitter account, Lucas Pope just posted a picture of the game running on smartphones with the title “Paper, Please, but smaller. August 5th”.

    The mobile version is an adapted version of the game where you are a border agent. As shown in the image above, the commands and layout of the items had to be adapted to fit the smartphone screen. On mobile, Papers, please only had an iPad version.

    In the image posted on Twitter, you can see that Lucas is testing the mobile version on both iPhone and Android.

    Still in the same Tweet, he joked that the console version will arrive in 2031. An irony about the delay of the mobile version…..or maybe not?

    “Papers Please” on Android and iOS

    For those who don't know, Papers, Please is a simulation and strategy game, where the player controls a border agent who must deny or approve visas to stay or visit. The game has a political background, and takes place during an authoritarian regime. At one point, a story begins to unfold behind it.

    Papers, Please was first released in 2013 for PC, and later won versions for MAC, iPad and even PS Vita. The game exploded in popularity in Spain around 2016, when several Youtubers started making videos about the game.

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    Source: Twitter

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