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    Papers, Please: indie game is now available on Google Play and App Store

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    The brilliant and controversial"Papers, Please” is now available for purchase at Google Play e App Store. The game, which is a conversion from the PC to mobile version, is available in its entirety. “Papers, Please” costs BRL 25,99 on Android and BRL 44,90 on iOS.

    “Papers, Please” is a simulation and strategy game where you will take on the role of a border guard. Its mission is precisely to ask for the passports of people who are entering a country with a dictatorial regime.

    By tackling controversial topics such as xenophobia and politics, “Papers, Please” is an out-of-the-box game.

    Sounds like a boring plot, right? But you can trust that “Papers, Please” is one of the most innovative and curious games of recent years. What starts out as a strategy simulator later unfolds into a suspenseful game.

    The game's story takes place in the communist country Arstotzka. After the war with the neighboring country, which lasted six years, the city of Grestin was divided in half with half communist and half destined for the west (a clear allusion to East and West Berlin during the Cold War).

    In this unusual game, things are never what they seem and as you play, you discover more about the situation that is happening.

    “Papers, Please” Mobile is all in Spanish.

    Players who have already enjoyed the game on its PC version should not be surprised by the screens below. “Papers, Please” mobile was really designed to be played with the smartphone standing, that is, in “portrait” mode.

    it's not for kids

    Despite being graphically simple, the author of the game makes it very clear that the game "It's not for children", as it contains adult themes such as nudity and brief moments of pixelated violence.



    Developer: 3909
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: English | Size: 200MB

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