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    Paid games for free or on sale on Android (8-3-2018)

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    We're back with our weekly list for those who like games on sale or even download paid games for free. This week's highlight is the classic PC RPG Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, which is 75% off.

    – Android games at a discount this week

    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

    Without a doubt, Baldur's Gate is the right download for anyone looking for a great offline RPG for Android. This PC classic was created in 1998 and in 2012 it got an improved version.

    Because it's all in 2D, it's a light game, but don't expect easy gameplay. This classic offers more than 30 hours of adventure with a rich plot and full of remarkable characters. The game was developed by none other than BioWare.


    Cosmonautica is a game for those who like titles like Fallout Shelter, but hate freemium games. In this one there are no in-app purchases or power limiters, you are free to play as you wish.

    In Cosmonautica, the adventure takes place in space. Your mission is to manage a large ship, creating and changing floors to better accommodate the population. The game expands its gameplay with combats against other ships, visits to other planets and iconic characters. Unmissable!

    Link to other discounted games on Google Play:

    • 80 Days
    • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
    • Peace, Death!
    • Race for the Galaxy

    – Paid games that are free on Android

    As I couldn't miss it, here's the list of paid games that are free right now on Android.

    • Space escape PRO
    • 3 Ultra HD Defense Zone
    • Defense Zone HD
    • Dungeon Defense
    • Ninja Knight
    • Mystic Guardian VIP
    • Sticks Legends-Stickman Ninja
    • Zombie avengers
    • Try to escape PRO
    • Survival Island: Evolve Pro!
    • Jurassic Survival Island: Evolve Pro
    • traffic director
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