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    Paid Games for Free or on Sale on Android [17-07-2020]

    It's time for one of the most popular posts here on the site, the weekly top with paid games that are free or on sale on Android.

    As usual, our notices:

    • Games are on sale for a limited time.
    • If you don't have space on your phone, start the download and then cancel, so the game will stay in your library forever.
    • The vast majority of games are offline.

    – Free Paid Games

    The first part is the most “delicious” for people who don't want to spend a penny. Check out the paid games that are free right now on Google Play.

    The highlight of this part is the Poo Factory (Poo Factory?) that's right, a game in which the objective is to make these “mechanisms” manufacture poop. Very funny and entertaining.

    Idle Poo Factory VIP R$3,39 -> Free; Ends in 4 days.

    klocki R$0,99 -> Free; Ends in 9 hours.

    Glow Puzzle Ads Free R$421.99 -> Free; Ends in 1 day.

    Idle Heroes of Hell – Clicker & Simulator Pro R$3,79 -> Free; Ends in 1 day.

    Traffix R$6,99 -> Free; Ends in 1 day.

    AceSpeeder3 R$4,99 -> Free; Ends in 2 days.

    Galaxy Warrior: Alien Attack $1,90 -> Free; Ends in 2 days.

    New Math Puzzles 2020 PRO R$12,99 -> Free; Ends in 3 days.

    AWKWARD: Social Anxiety Endless Runner $0,99 -> Free; Ends in 4 days.

    Castle Defender Premium: Hero Idle Defense TD $9,99 -> Free; Ends in 4 days.

    Mermaid Treasure Hunting(No ads) – Match3 puzzle $10,99 -> Free; Ends in 4 days.

    Monkey GO Happy R$2,59 -> Free; Ends in 4 days.

    Crazy Halloween Puzzle R$0,99 -> Free; Ends in 5 days.

    Sudoku Deluxe VIP R$6,49 -> Free; Ends in 6 days.

    War 1944 VIP : World War II R$11,99 -> Free; Ends in 6 days.

    Even and Odd Premium R$1,59 -> Free; Ends in 7 days.

    NEW Math puzzles 2 R$3,09 -> Free; Ends in 7 days.

    Sword Warriors Premium: Heroes Fight – Epic Action R$9,99 -> Grátis; Termina em 7 dias.

    – Discount Paid Games

    The highlight of the week in discount paid games are two: Lemegeton is a “Castlevania” with 3D graphics for Android. Very recommended. The other game is Battle Chasers: Nightwar. The tactical RPG is aggressively discounted. From R$33,99 for only R$10,49.


    Also be sure to check out the promotion for Evoland 1 and 2. Two great RPGs. This one is already over. Enjoy!

    Lemegeton Master Edition R$33,99 -> R$5.49; Ends in 3 days.

    Battle Chasers: Nightwar R$33,99 -> R$10,49; Termina em 6 dias.

    Secret Files: Sam Peters R$7,99 -> R$5,49; Ends in 3 days.

    Secret Files: Tunguska R$10,99 -> R$5,99; Ends in 3 days.

    Secret Files 2: Purity of Heart R$12,99 -> R$7,99; Limit em 3 days.

    Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North R$23,99 -> R$11,99; Termina em 3 dias.

    Alchemic Maze R$10,99 -> R$4,99; It ends in 5 days.

    Chicken Tournament R$10,00 -> R$5,49; Ends in 5 days.

    Farm Frenzy: Time management game R$4,99 -> R$2,99; Ends in 5 days.

    FootLOL: Crazy Soccer! Action Football game R$9,99 -> R$4,49; Termina em 5 dias.

    Hack, Slash, Loot R$15,99 -> R$9,99; Ends in 5 days.

    Hello Human R$12,99 -> R$6,49; Ends in 5 days.

    King of Dragon Pass: Text Adventure RPG R$24,99 -> R$12,99; Termina em 5 dias.

    Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Yes R$4,99 -> R$2,49; Ends in 5 days.

    Majesty: The Northern Expansion R$7,49 -> R$ 3,49; Termina em 5 dias.

    MiniChess by Kasparov R$9,99 -> R$4,99; Ends in 5 days.

    Plancon: Space Conflict R$7,49 -> R$3,49; Ends in 5 days.

    Strategy & Tactics:USSR vs USA R$7,49 -> R$3,49; Ends in 5 days.

    Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Premium R$34,99 -> R$16,99; Termina em 5 dias.

    The Enchanted Kingdom R$5,49 -> R$2,49; Ends in 5 days.

    The Tiny Bang Story Premium R$6,99 -> R$3,49; Termina em 5 dias.

    Treasures of Montezuma 2 R$4,99 -> R$2,45; Ends in 5 days.

    Type II: Hardcore 3D FPS with TD elements R$22,99-> R$15,99; Termina em 5 dias.

    1941 Frozen Front Premium R$9,99 -> R$1,99; Ends in 6 days.

    Bulb Boy R$7,99 -> R$4,49; Ends in 6 days.

    Clouds & Sheep Premium R$6,49 -> R$1,49; Ends in 6 days.

    Cultist Simulator R$31,99 -> R$11,99; Ends in 6 days.

    GeoExpert – World Geography R$34,99 -> R$23,99; Ends in 6 days.

    Highway Game R$9,99 -> R$3,79; Ends in 6 days.

    Makia – Tales of the Forest (Visual Novel) R$25,99 -> R$10,99; Ends in 6 days.

    Math Multiplication Division R$8,49 -> R$5,49; Ends in 6 days.

    Pilot Brothers 2 R$12,99 -> R$5,49; Ends in 6 days.

    Civilization Path R$5,99 -> R$1,09; Ends in 7 days.

    Galaxy Trader R$9,49 -> R$3,69; Ends in 7 days.

    LASERBREAK 3 PRO – Physics Puzzle R$4,09 -> R$1,69; Ends in 7 days.

    QuizBash – Party Games in Your Pocket! R$10,99 -> R$5,99; Termina em 7 dias.

    WordMix Pro – a living crossword puzzle R$10,00 -> R$4,99; Termina em 7 dias.

    Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest (Full) R$5,49.

    Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova (Full) R$2,99.

    [originally published July 17, 2020]

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