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    Overwatch mobile clone enters Blizzard's crosshairs

    Overwatch, FPS that is success of Blizzard on consoles and PC was copied and converted by Chinese on a mobile game? That's the story that's been going around, but apparently, it was all just a technical demo. Check out in the trailer below what the clone, called Legends of Titans, looked like (it seemed to be very good).

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    Legend of Titans caused astonishment on the internet, not only for the similarity of its characters to those of Overwatch, but also for the quality of the gameplay, very similar to that of Blizzard.

    Needless to say, the gamer community fell on top of the “game” with criticism regarding the characters' lack of originality and visuals. From darker Reaper to "Tracer after crack". Interestingly the Widowmaker characters were identical in the clone game.

    In the beginning, Blizzard was already acting and blocking videos of the game on Youtube. The official channel of the team that developed Legend of Titans, has already been taken down by Blizzard.

    • There is no law that prohibits a producer from creating a game similar to the competition. There is no such thing as “patents” for this. What is prohibited is the use of identical audio-visual material such as music, sounds, images and character models.

    From a legal point of view, the problem was clearly the unauthorized use of some characters' models, either for modifications or even the identical copy, as in the case of Windowmaker.

    To be honest, I thought the project was cool. Lack of originality is not such a serious problem in the gaming world. Just look at the case of Tencent, which from a “copier” in the past, became a safe port for a successful franchise as in the case of Kung Fu Panda and Naruto.

    My opinion? It was a game, and the producer must have been amazed at how quickly Blizzard's lawyers acted on the case. It is worth remembering another recent case, in which porn with characters from Overwatch where the authors were located and prosecuted by Blizzard.


    [originally published June 18, 2016]

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