Order & Chaos: Duels, Gameloft's new game, is coming

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A Gameloft announced (27/02) that the company's new game, Order & Chaos: Duels will arrive soon. The game should be released in the American spring, which runs until the middle of the year. The new game will be a card game based on the universe of Order & Chaos Online and will have a version for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad.

New Gameloft game arrives in the middle of the year (Photo: Disclosure)

Post information is sparse, with only two images, it is not possible to rate much, but expect something like Magic 2013. There is also confirmation that the game will be released for Android and iOS.

Image of Gameloft's new game, Ordern & Chaos Duel (Photo: Disclosure)

Via orderchaosonline

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