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    Or Bug da gel grenade no Free Fire, da ban?

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    Played by millions of people, Free Fire It's a game that has some glitches and defects. Commonly called a “Bug”, the grenade/gel wall bug can scare first-time viewers. The glitch generates some unusual results. Meet.

    – How does the Gel grenade work?

    Formerly known as the ice grenade, the gel grenade was improved in a January 2019 update.

    It was no longer a deformed wall and became more like a bunker.

    With it, the player creates a wall of gel that serves to defend himself from enemy shots.

    However, in skilled hands, this wall can be used to “bug” opponents.

    See how the gel wall bug works.

    – How is the Gel Grenade Bug?

    This Free Fire "Bug" is widely used in small spaces, or when the enemy is behind a wall.

    If you know the exact location of the enemy, throw the grenade so that the wall appears exactly where the enemy is.

    This bug is often used when enemies are in the towers, sentries of the game.

    In the example below, the enemy “bugou”, stood still, and could not even crouch to protect himself from the shots.

    In some cases it can be worse, the bug can make the enemy "teleport" in front of the wall, leaving him totally defenseless.

    – Is the Gel Grenade Bug illegal?

    The gel grenade bug is not something that will ban you from the game. The most that can happen is that you are reported to Garena a few times.

    But as this is really a defect in the game, users are not to blame for it.

    What we can expect is that Garena will fix your game and remove this bug. Because the most correct is the gel grenade just "arrest" the opponent and not "bug" him.

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