Operators continue to be a "ready joke" when it comes to mobile games

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It is common knowledge how phenomenal the end of the year is for those who have a smartphone with iOS or Android systems when we talk about games. A few days ago, we had launches of great impact in the games market such as Infinity Blade II e GTA III. There are many quality games to download. And this Christmas, free download games have had a much bigger spotlight with great free releases like: Real Racing 2, Jetpack Joyride, Zenonia 4 and many others. The ones that aren't free are on sale, usually at $0.99. The entire AppStore and Android Market are practically on sale.

However, on the other side of this universe, players who have regular cell phones suffer, as they were not awarded by the operators or with a miserable promotion, in all of them the rule is clear: do you want to download? BRL 9,99!

This is absurd, which only gets worse if you check the games and realize that most are old games, some even from 2006… price? BRL 9,99

Despite efforts by producers such as Gameloft to change this, the best thing to do, considering that you like to play games on mobile a lot, is to switch as soon as possible to a smartphone of this “new” generation. For, according to a survey by Distimo (graph below) the trend is that the number of free applications will only increase.


[originally published December 22, 2011]

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