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    Oneplus 3T, K10000 and more: Check out the summer sale on GearBest

    The mighty Oneplus 3T or the Oukitel K10000 “infinite battery” phone? Whichever product you choose, you can't go wrong with this Gear Best Store promotion. Check out!


    The GearBest Store is an online store with warehouses around the world. She ships products to Spain. Be aware that items over $50 will most likely be taxed by the IRS.

    – Oneplus 3T

    The powerful OnePlus 3T phablet is on sale at Gear Best, costing just $409. is a top of the line with 1.353GB of RAM, pure Android 6. One of the most praised smartphones by Marques Brownlee, the Tech Youtuber best known by Android fans.

    – Oukitel K10000 Pro

    What's ugly about the Oukitel K10000 Pro is the battery. It's 10.000 mAh, enough to run a movie for no less than almost 24 hours!!!. The smartphone has basic specifications, but it is ideal for those looking for a cell phone with “infinite battery”. Only US$ 179 dollars (R$ 590 reais)

    – GPD WIN

    OK! I know the GPD Win is a pocket console/PC and it's not exactly a cell phone. But what is it? Want something cooler than a pocket-sized PC? The laptop even runs some heavy Steam games. Only US$ 354 dollars (R$ 1.168)

    – Original Xiaomi headphones

    In the world of smartphones it is difficult to find quality headphones at a low price. But the Original Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version fits this category perfectly. Ideal for those looking for a good headphone to listen to music that covers your entire ear. Offering comfort and quality. Only BRL 42,99 (BRL 141)

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