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    Omega Legends: Fortnite-like game runs on any Android

    Omega Legends, developed by Skyunion, is a Chinese game that arrived on Google Play by surprise. all in Spanish and with a look similar to Fortnite, this Battle Royale eliminates buildings and adds a system of heroes with special abilities.

    The title is in early access na Google Play and can also be downloaded from the website Pure APK. There are only 453 MB of data to download.

    The third-person shooter is vibrant and very charismatic. The heroes are very cool and their power-ups and abilities are quite unusual.

    When Fortnite inspiration aside, Omega Legends hits exactly where games like Disorder wanted to hit. The characters and skins that look like their own creation are much cooler than the “inspirations”.

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    Omega Legends is already very successful. Downloading from Google Play is showing error for some players. Fortunately, you can download the APK and play without any problems. The ping indicates that there are no local servers, but strangely, the game is all in Spanish.

    - Runs on any old cell phone

    But one of the great highlights of Omega Legends is being quite light. The game even runs on smartphones from 2013 that still had a 32-bit processor. Game was playable even on a Galaxy S4!

    – Aesthetics very similar to Fortnite… maybe too much!

    After the recent Area F2 lawsuit, I thought game developers were more cautious with “copying”.

    Omega Legends is a lot like Fortnite, maybe too much. Some skins, movement and even buildings are almost identical to the Epic hit.

    Our opinion is that it's okay to be inspired, but copying too much can result in lawsuit. Omega Legends is a good game. It takes Fortnite's shooting and moving mechanics and takes something I've always found too complicated on mobile: buildings. The character system is very cool and each one has up to 2 different skills.

    However, don't be surprised that this game disappears overnight. Until then, take the opportunity to meet Omega Legends



    Developer: Skyunion
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 or higher
    Language: Spanish | Size: 453 MB

    *APK in XAPK format, you need to have the app from the APK Pure website to be able to install the game.

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