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    Offline horror fan game tries to be “Amnesia mobile” (free)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Sclerosis: The Dark Descent is a very curious game developed by a fan of the Amnesia series, and it brings an unofficial version of Frictional Games' game Amnesia: The Dark Descent to mobile devices. That is, it is a fan-made port and has no connection with the official developers. Still, we brought this game offline as a curiosity.

    In Sclerosis we follow the character Daniel, who wakes up without memory in a dark castle. Daniel has to explore every corner of this place, with unease, as if he's being haunted, and discover the reason why he abdicated the past.

    If you've played Amnesia: The Darkness Descent you've noticed that the game's synopsis is the same, showing that it's literally the "same game". The programmer and fan of the 2010 game decided to test his skills and brought a great side project, bringing Amnesia to Android. Check out a trailer for the port:

    The horror game has changes compared to the original game. There are no monsters in the castle, events associated with the character's appearance were completely cut, there was an optimization of the controls for the touches on the screen, in addition to altered puzzles among other modifications.

    Sclerosis: The Dark Descent is now available for download on Google Play. However, the official version of the game can only be downloaded as follows:

    The developer helps players to buy the official Amnesia: The Darkness Descent on Steam or some other official online store, after which you must copy the game folder from your computer to your mobile phone and download the version available on Google Play. When starting it the game will ask the player to select the Amnesia folder, after selecting it you can start the Amnesia experience on your mobile device.

    The game can only be officially played through this method, but the fan shortens the path, making an unofficial version available on its website available in a folder on Google Drive.

    It sure is a very bold project, and so far Sclerosis has been well received by fans, with an average of 4,2/5 stars on Google Play, what matters most to the developer is the feedback, according to their website. , and we can see that he has been achieving a very positive result.



    Developer: Play Systems
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.1 or higher
    Language: SPANISH | Size: 88MB

    Fonte: Sclerosis Mobile

    It's worth remembering again that it's a fan-to-fan project, with no connection to Frictional Games, developer and publisher of Amnesia. We bring game information like this for information.

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