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    Offer Alert: Cheapest POCO X3 GT, from R$ 1.430 (COUPON)

    O LITTLE X3 GT is one of the most suitable intermediaries for those looking for a gaming smartphone. He is “brother” POCO X3 Pro, its differential is the MediaTek Dimensity 1100 processor that surprisingly does better in games than the Snapdragon 860.

    Just a warning here: When we say that Dimensity 1100 is better at games, we are referring to native Android games. We are not talking generally or mainly about emulation. Understood?

    POCO X3 GT has an incredible offer. On the Aliexpress website it is possible to buy the smartphone for only R$1.430, more than R$600 reais cheaper than the original price.

    The version sold is global and already has Spanish language and Google apps, such as Google Play.

    About POCO X3 GT

    With a respectable 6.6-inch 120Hz screen, the POCO X3 GT has everything you'd expect from a high-end smartphone without paying a fortune. Fast processing and good cameras are the highlight of this phone.

    The Dimensity 1100 processor is slightly hotter than the Snapdragon 860, but the MediaTek chipset also delivers higher performance.

    In terms of RAM, the X3 GT distances itself from the intermediaries by already offering 8 GB of RAM in its most basic version. In addition to 128 GB of internal space, there is also a version with 256 GB of space that costs R$ 1.618.

    The POCO X3 GT can be seen as a “POCO F 2.99”, almost a POCO F3. The cheapest smartphone has similar housing and functions, while X3 Pro is more suitable for those who liked the old design, whose main advantage is to keep the P2 headphone jack. But the GT stands out for having 5G.

    Recursos do POCO X3 GT

    • 120Hz fabric
    • 240hz Touch
    • Processor
    • LPDDR4X+UFS3.1
    • Cameras: 64mp + 8mp + 2mp ai triple rear camera
    • Front: 16MP Front camera
    • 5G: 5G: n1, n3, n28A, n41, n77, n78
    • Supports Wi-Fi 6
    • Dolby Atmos Audio

    67W Turbo Charger

    The POCO X3 GT charger is one of the most powerful among intermediate smartphones. It delivers no less than 67 Watts of power and charges the device from 0 to 100% in less than 45 minutes.

    The smartphone battery is another show apart with 5 thousand mAh. Not bad for the Dimensity 1100 which is a budget 6nm processor.

    liquid cooling

    As is already common in POCO smartphones, liquid cooling is present through LiquidCool 2.0 technology. The dissipation area is much larger than that of a regular smartphone, with a 16cm heatsink.

    How to buy the POCO X3 GT for R$ 1.430

    POCO X3 GT Global is now available for purchase at a super discount, and it is still possible to get more discount.

    When using the coupon carnaval1000 It is possible to get another R$ 80 off.

    1. Access the page of LITTLE X3 GT Aliexpress. (POCO OFFICIAL STORE)

    2. Place the product in the cart.

    3. Don't forget to add the coupon at the end, before paying.

    • Buy POCO X3 GT at the lowest price.


    What comes in the box of the POCO X3 GT

    Like other smartphones in the POCO line, the X3 GT comes in the box with:

    • hood
    • Charger
    • USB cable
    • Stickers
    • Applied Films


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