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    Not even Anitta saves Free Fire, game is falling in Spain

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    How long has Free Fire been no longer in the 1st place of downloads in Spain? Garena's Battle Royale has already lost the first position in APK Pure.

    It seems that the Spanish fan of mobile games is tired of Free Fire. After several wrong decisions on the part of Garena, the impression that remains is that the younger audience is tired of the game.

    The most recent attempt to call players back is the partnership with singer Anitta. Something that has already been done in the past, but this time it returns in the form of a character for the mobile game.

    Anitta arrives at Free Fire again, but this time as a playable character. Photo: Disclosure.

    It will work? Nobody knows.

    Currently, Free Fire is in 9th place in Google Play's top free downloads, and there is no more innovation forecast like new maps or new modes.

    It's been a long time since Free Fire hasn't even been in the top 5 most downloaded games on Google Play in Spain. (Photo: Google Play / Playback)

    Here's an addendum. We're talking about the game and its audience in Spain. Free Fire continues with good numbers around the world.

    Check out a number of factors that may be contributing to the downfall of Free Fire.

    The lack of tact with the PC gamer

    One of the factors that most contributed to the bad moment of Free Fire today was Garena's lack of tact with the PC player.

    What was thought to be the solution to the controversy "emulators x mobile", has become a gigantic problem.

    Garena didn't calculate the strength and weight of the PC gamer community very well.

    Garena snubbed PC gamers and paid an expensive price.

    The company never released a native version for computer gamers. This undoubtedly proved to be a stupid and completely wrong decision.

    Even small studios know that influencers and streamers prefer to play computer games. Just look at the example of Stumble Guys, a game that is precisely taking the place of Free Fire in the minds of young people. As soon as the game started to be successful, Kitka Games released the Windows version.

    Launching a version for Windows computers would be a basic step, as it would ensure the fair separation of “emulator versus mobile”, and still gain a good customer base.

    Events boil down to skins and characters

    You've already figured out what a Free Fire "event" boils down to, right?

    Where's the Garena innovation?

    Do you remember how fun Easter events like “egg hunts” were, or the excitement about new maps and modes coming to Free Fire?

    Nowadays Free Fire is all about skins and characters.

    Travis Scott concert in Fortnite. Photo: Disclosure.

    Garena added the option to combine characters, an interesting idea, but with a very ulterior motive behind it: selling more characters.

    I don't even need to remember simply epic events that happen in other games. Who remembers the Rapper Travis Scott Show in Fortnite?

    When Garena announced that there would be a “show” by the popular Kpop band BTS at Free Fire, everyone was thinking something like that.

    The show didn't even happen in the game. It was laughable and a source of embarrassment even for Kpop fans.

    The so much show of BTS at Free Fire was neither a show nor was it within the game. Photo: Youtube / reproduction.

    Influencers got tired of the game

    The first sign that a game is losing audience is its ability to lose influencers and streamers.

    For a paid game, it's ok, after launch, any title "cools" really. But games that are "service" like Free Fire, this is simply a disaster.

    Victor Augusto “Joker” is one of the most famous streamers who abandoned Free Fire. Photo: Youtube / reproduction.

    Free Fire lost several influencers throughout 2020 and 2021. Now in 2022, many of them are jumping to another mobile game: Stumble Guys.

    Even on the dusty and bankrupt Booyah, Garena's streaming platform, Free Fire is already closely followed by games like GTA V.

    Several Free Fire influencers preferred to take a risk and lost their “Verified” badge to play other games.

    One of the most commented articles in recent times is this one from the UOL Start site. In the interview with player Igor Alan “Gorilla” from Fluxo, he was emphatic: “Do you want to become a streamer? Wait for the next Free Fire”.

    Cloud Games

    No, it's not quite what you or I thought

    What drove Free Fire players to other games wasn't Xcloud or Geforce Now.

    Many of the frifas players went to enjoy other games because of

    I explain. Since Garena decided to get in trouble with PC players, many players use various hacks to play Free Fire with friends on their cell phones. One of them is is a cloud gaming service that lets you play a variety of Android games. Theoretically, it wasn't supposed to be possible to play Free Fire, but people give it “a little way”.

    However, when using the platform, what we saw were players discovering new games. For example, the aforementioned Stumble Guys.

    Today (5), Microsoft and Epic Games launched an exclusive partnership that allows you to play Fortnite on mobile or PC, for free and without having to install anything. The trick works so well that it looks like “witchcraft”.

    Competitors, previously inaccessible, are now increasingly accessible to younger people.

    With Free Fire's competitors getting closer to the common user, the one who doesn't have a smartphone or powerful pc, it will get more and more complicated for the famous frifas, going back to the glory days. For many, those days have passed.


    [originally published May 5, 2022]

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