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    Nintendo Switch Android Emulator APK 2022

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    Do you have a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android? This is the question that many users often ask themselves and the answer is YES! In this article you will discover the best emulators, find out what is the best Android 2022 Switch emulator and how to download APK.


    Do you have a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android?

    There are currently two Nintendo Switch emulators for Android that work with many games. Are they:

    • EGG NS
    • SKyline


    See more about them in the following topics:


    – EGG NS


    EGG NS is an emulator developed by the NXTeam group. Currently, IGG NS is the best Nintendo Switch emulator for Android.

    But there is a problem with this emulator, to use it you have to pay or buy a GameSir controller like X2 or X3.

    Vea how to configure EGG NS in our full emulator tutorial.

    EGG LINK on Google Play





    – Skyline

    Skyline is the free Nintendo Switch emulator that can be played for free and with any Bluetooth or USB controller.

    In fact, Skyline allows you to play the game without even having a controller. You can play with the commands on the screen.

    However, Skyline is not as advanced as EGG NS, so its list of supported games is a bit smaller.

    Skyline is not yet available on Google Play, it can only be downloaded via APK.



    How to download Nintendo Switch on mobile?

    Do you want the links to download the Nintendo Switch emulator on your mobile? We show you how to download the APK to run Switch games on Android.


    Through this link it is possible to download both the EGG NS and the configuration files. If you have questions about how to install or configure the emulator, check out our EGG NS tutorial.

    How to download Skyline?

    Here you can find the link to download the Skyline APK. Direct link, no hassle.

    • Link to download Skyline APK.

    Please note that the emulator is regularly updated. You can follow the project and download the latest version here.

    Skyline is the crowd favorite emulator because it is 100% free. You can run many games now.

    nintendo switch emulator for android requirements

    The requirements for Nintendo Switch emulators for Android are these

    minimum requirement

    • Snapdragon 845 processor
    • 4 GB of RAM


    recommended requirement

    • Snapdragon 855 processor or higher
    • 6 GB of RAM

    Yes, unfortunately the Nintendo Switch emulator does not work on a weak cell phone. The smartphone must have at least a 64-bit processor and be Snapdragon 845 or equivalent. However, anyone with an intermediate phone with a Snapdragon 720G or similar processor will be able to run the lighter games on the Nintendo Switch.

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