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    Nintendo DS emulation on Android shows advances

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    emulate games from Nintendo DS on smartphones for Android is becoming an increasingly palpable reality. If before emulators were clunky and slow, every day with updates on the emulators and with new models of smartphones and tablets coming out every month, the emulation of Nintendo's portable starts to become a reality on Android.

    the emulator DSOID (download here) just got the update to version 1.9.7. The application allows emulator Nintendo DS games on smartphones and Android phones. Check out the emulator's advances in the videos below:

    In the first, the author of the video is able to rotate pokemon diamond however the game is not playable due to the slowness presented. But in the second, running on a smartphone HTC One X, the author of the video is able to run the game Ace Attorney very satisfactorily. Which leads me to believe that the emulation gets much better with 2D games.

    In the last video below, the author runs the emulator NDS4Droid (download here), we can check the emulator running Pok茅mon White on Google's Top of the Line Tablet, the Nexus 10. Note the above FPS which rarely drops below 20fps, showing very good and playable emulation.

    Android is really a great system, not only the OS itself, but the entire Google ecosystem, for allowing these emulators to be in the Google Play app store in a legitimate way.

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