New Ragnarok Mobile is in open beta testing! See how to download the APK and log in!

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Ragnarok Mobile will be in open beta testing in China from January 19th. The test is open globally, but the game is in Chinese only. Check out tips on how to register and download the game to test the newest version of Ragnarok for android and ios cell phones.

The game is the same as the closed beta last year (see here).

We've created a tutorial so you can test the new feature on Android. It is worth remembering that the tutorial is best performed from a PC.

– How to download Ragnarok Mobile APK

Step 1: First, you need to register on the TAPTAP service, this Chinese communication service is distributing the new Ragnarok Mobile.

Access this website:

Step 2 : On the bottom left page, click the language selection button and select English. In case you don't have this option, then use the Chrome browser to open the link and click on the “Translate this page” button in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Click on “Create Account”

Step 4: Fill in the required information.

Step 5: After successful registration, you can now download the game client via this link

Link to Download the Game:

To download the APK of Ragnarok Mobile, you must first download TAPTAP, the publisher's official application. It weighs about 7 MB. After downloading it, just start that the main image on the first page will be that of Ragnarok Mobile.

Step 6: when starting the game, enter the requested data. You can also use the WeChat app (the same as this tutorial here) to login to the game.

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