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    New Games for iPhone and iPad #36 (September 2018)

    It's time to check out what's new on the App Store. Check out the new iPhone and iPad games that arrived this week on Apple's app store. The highlight of the week is the adventure Returner Zhero, followed by updates for games you probably don't know about.

    – Returner Zero

    Returner Zhero is an amazing adventure game about space exploration. Solve alien puzzles in an immersive sci-fi environment with spectacular graphics. Unravel the mysteries and veil the connections between this and the first game in the franchise.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Kung Fu Clicker

    In Kung Fu Clicker, the objective is to tap the screen quickly to earn coins and defend your dojo. The animations are very cute and diverse.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Slime Room

    SlimeRoom is a very creative platform game. You control a slime in a room and you need to find the exit. It even looks like an old Java game. But the graphics are not important, what matters is the challenge to pass each scenario.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Doctor Who Infinity

    From renowned artists, the game Doctor Who Infinity comes to iPhone and iPad. The game is a puzzle with adventure elements. The story brings together several versions of the doctors. The art is top notch, and the story is very interesting, but the matching puzzle is a little disappointing.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Wall Kickers

    The casual Wall Kickers invites the player to jump walls in a frenetic and addictive game. Just tap the screen for the character to kick the wall and jump. Sounds easy, but it's one of the most challenging iPhone and iPad games of the week.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Egglia

    Egglia is a 3D RPG with a colorful look and beautiful art. The game was re-released on the iPhone. Before it was online, but now it has become a full offline game. But it is worth remembering that Egglia is paid.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Radiant one

    Trying to escape boring life and social media, one day Daniel found a mysterious book about lucid dreams. Very quickly he was able to do incredible things, create incredible worlds and fly in his sleep until one day his dreams fell under the power of something inexplicable, something terrible conceived by the Universe itself... Help Daniel survive, pass the test and obtain the lighting.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Azur Lane

    New iPhone game that is driving anime fans crazy. Azur Lane is a naval strategy game where the admirals are moe girls in short clothes or dressed for marriage, the famous “Waifu”. The difference is the gameplay: half a shooter ship, half an RPG.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Clash & GO

    On paper it looks like just another Clash of Clans clone… and it is. The differential of Clash & GO is the AR mode where the player explores the world in solo missions. This mode works in the same style as Pokémon GO, you have to walk through the real world to unlock new items.

    Link to Download from the App Store

    – Crystania Wars

    Crystania Wars contains RTS, TD elements and an MMO style combat system. Players can operate front-line characters to face enemies or avoid enemy attacks, while back-line characters take on the roles of damage, control, healing, and so on. A player can switch characters' roles according to the combat situation and must protect the crystal from being destroyed.

    Link to Download from the App Store

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