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    New Company of Heroes expansion comes to Android and iOS

    Feral Interactive has announced the arrival of a new paid expansion for the Company Heroes game on Android and iOS. Titled Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, the expansion arrives today, November 18th.

    Company of Heroes is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) set in World War II and its events, which was originally released for PC in 2006. The game came to Android and iOS in September last year.

    The expansion, Tales of Valor, had also been released on other platforms previously, more specifically in 2009, and is now showing up on mobile devices.

    It brings three new campaigns reliving moments from the summer of 1944, among them are: Tiger Ace, where we led the German Tiger Tank 205 against the British 7th Armored Division in one of the bloodiest battles, D-Day in France; causeway, where we have to lead the allied breakout in Normandy, also during D-Day, with the 82nd Airborne; and finally in Cliff Pocket we will help German forces escape a trap set by the allies in the real event known as the Falaise Bag.

    Check out a trailer for Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor:


    Company of Heroes is a paid game, costing R$24,99 on Google Play and R$79,90 on the App Store. The expansion is also paid, reaching US$3,99, approximately R$22,00, for both iOS and Android. The expansion can be purchased as an IAP (In-App Purchase).

    Feral Interactive, who originally developed the game for PC and ported the RTS to mobile devices, will also be responsible for the survival horror port of Alien: Isolation, which arrives on mobile devices on December 16th.

    The company has also in the past made other adaptations for mobile devices such as XCOM 2, Grid: Autosport and the simulation game, Tropico.

    Fonte: Droid Gamers

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