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    Netmarble announces global release of Seven Knights 2 for 2021 (Android and iOS)

    Netmarble has revealed its “roadmap” for 2021, which are its launch goals for this year. Among the games planned to be released globally in 2021 is Seven Knights 2. The game was first announced in 2018.

    Seven Knights 2 will have many characters to collect (Photo: Playback / Youtube).

    Seven Knights 2 has already been released in South Korea in November 2020. The game has been reworked and made “less automatic”. The visuals have also improved a lot since the first beta back in 2018.

    In Seven Knights 2, the player plays not just one, but four characters at the same time. You can command one main character and choose commands for the other three during battles.

    With incredible cinematics and a beautiful art direction, this MMORPG follows a pattern similar to what we will see in Marvel Future Revolution. A game with a lot of story and non-interactive scenes.

    Character design impresses by the richness of details (Photo: Reproduction).

    However, Netmarble itself makes it very clear that Seven Knights 2 is a gacha. In the game, characters are seen as cards. Although this representation is only at the time of collecting the heroes. For the rest of the game, the impression you will have is that you are playing an MMORPG.

    The story of Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after the first game. According to Netmarble, the game will have a high level of production with quality worthy of a movie.

    Netmarble will also release Seven Knights Revolution in 2021

    The “Roadmap” also revealed that still in 2021, Netmarble intends to launch Seven Knights Revolution. This game, this time, will be released simultaneously all over the world. There will be no early release in South Korea.

    Seven Knights Revolution follows that pattern of Netmarble's "Revolution" games which is a complete MMORPG for mobile phones, but lighter and without much focus on the story. Despite containing narrative, Revolution games are best known for their social elements such as battles between guilds.

    Requirements to play Seven Knights 2 

    Like Marvel Future Revolution, a title from the same company, Seven Knights 2 uses the best of Unreal Engine 4 to deliver cutting-edge graphics. This comes at a cost and requires an intermediate smartphone to run the game.

    Want to test Seven Knights 2 before the global release? Just download the APK from sites like TapTap or APK Pure. But remember that so far the only version of the game is in Korean language. The first game in the franchise, released in 2016, is still running and you can check it out here.


    With information from MMOCulture.

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