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    NetEase Announces New Battle Royale Game… in Space!

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    NetEase games knows no bounds and won't stop releasing Battle Royale games anytime soon. The company's newest game is Infinity, a BR game that takes place, guess what… in space! But this time, we will only control vehicles. See the trailer.

    Infinity is a Battle Royale mobile game set on the planet called Age of Empires. There are still modules that are built with cutting-edge modular technology that extends far and wide. The player is responsible for assembling these modules and using them to embed them in various rugged vehicles. Install weapons and upgrade your vehicle which can be a slow tank or an ambush car. Take on other players on massive Battle Royale-style maps. The strongest must survive until the end.

    Infinity will start its closed beta in China soon. Anyone who wants can sign up on the official website.

    Source: official website

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