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    Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile 2022 - alleged gameplay leaks on the internet, watch!

    In January of this year, we had the news that Tencent would be developing a Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile game in partnership with EA. This time there was a leaked gameplay that could be from the new Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile 2022 (provisional name).


    Check out the allegedly leaked gameplay:

    Need for Speed Mobile 2022 (Tencent) Gameplay Leaked from needforspeed


    First posted on Reddit by user Clxbsport , the 46-second video already helps to get an idea of 鈥嬧媤hat the new Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile will be like.

    According to the forum, the original video was leaked by user NFSLYY, he reports:

    Hello, I was the one who posted the last two videos on NFS Discord

    There are currently only three cars in this game, the McLaren F1, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJR, and the Gallardo.

    The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and recruitment news has flown before

    Handling is similar to NFS EDGE, including some drift-increasing effects

    The map is from NFS Heat (the entire map according to my friend who participated in the test), but some details have been changed

    No history, no cops

    I didn't do this test because I don't have an ios device so I'm still seeing if my friend can send me more details PS: this is not NFS 2022

    Just by looking at the leaked gameplay, which is full of watermarks and in low resolution, we can see that this is a game probably made in Unreal Engine 4, which matches the information leaked in January.

    Another point made in that leak was that the game would focus on realistic racing, which again matches what is shown in the video above.

    About the gameplay, Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile 2022 looks like it will be an open world game with races taking place within a metropolis. The game will feature day and night races, with lots of neon and lights on the track.

    Internally codenamed Need for Speed 鈥嬧婳nline Mobile, Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile 2022 appears to be at an advanced stage of development.

    Need for Speed 鈥嬧婱obile 2022, it seems, is in charge of Timi Studio, the same studio that developed games like Call of Duty Mobile, Pok茅mon Unite and Arena of Valor.

    It is worth remembering that this is not the only Need for Speed 鈥嬧媔n development. According to rumors, EA also wants to release a mobile version of Need for Speed 鈥嬧婾nderground.


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