Multilaser launches bluetooth control similar to Ipega 9017

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This month, Multilaser launched the Multilaser Android Game Pad Para Smartphone JS076To bluetooth control specially made for smartphones com Android. Much like the now old one, Ipega 9017-S. The Multilaser Android Game Pad both digital and two independent analog controls.


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The control is compact and quite complete. It has a six front buttons, two analog, a digital directional pad, two top buttons and two kittens. Speaking of button configuration, it resembles the control of a Playstation 3, however, more “flattened”.

Ideal for mobile gamers, the controller is very portable and easily fits in your pocket. The configuration is similar to Ipega, which means that it is compatible with the “HID” standard.

O JS076 is already on sale in virtual stores such as Kabum. For the price of R$ 139,90 or R$ 118,92 in cash. The price is a little “salty”, but it is worth remembering that it is manufactured and sold in Spain, which means that the delivery is much faster than that of gamepads sold abroad.


package content . 1 GAMEPAD . 1 MANUAL . 1 CABO USB AM X MICRO USB (1 M)
Dimension Approx. Width 7.5
Dimension Approx. Depth 13
Dimension Approx. Height 3.5
Supplier Warranty 1
net weight approx 0.11


. Support for smartphone with screen up to 5,5”'
. Bluetooth streaming version 2.1 (or higher)
. Compatible with Android 4.0 (or higher)
. No driver installation needed
. Drums:

. Duration: 6 months (without use)

. non-removable

. Lithium-polymer rechargeable

. Average charging time: 3,5 hours



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