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    Most profitable mobile games in the world in June 2021

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    Check out the mobile games that yielded the most for the producers.

    Sensor Tower, a company that provides insights and indices on applications, released the list of the 10 most profitable mobile games of June 2021. The data collected in the Play Store and App Store also takes into account the Chinese versions of the games.

    According to available data, Honor Of King, by Tencent, was the most profitable mobile in June with US$277 million spent by players. 95,6% of the revenue raised came from players in China, while 2% from Taiwan and 1,2% from Thailand.

    In second place, we had PUBG Mobile, a game also by Tencent, with revenues of US$213,8 million. PUBG Mobile profits came from 53,3% from China and 11,2% from the United States, the 34,5% not reported.

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    Other slightly older games also appeared on the list, such as Candy Crush Saga ranking 5th, Roblox finishing 4th in the top 10, and Pokémon GO ranking 9th.

    According to Sensor Tower, the top 10 games together account for $1,4 billion in revenue from player spending in June alone Check out the most profitable games on the App Store and Play Store:

    10 Most Profitable Games on the App Store in June 2021

    1. Honor Of King
    2. PUBG Mobile
    3. Roblox
    4. Genshin impact
    5. Uma Musume Pretty Derby
    6. Fantasy Westwarn Journey
    7. I'm Not Afraid: Cross Worlds
    8. Mole’s World
    9. Three Kingdoms Tatics
    10. Rise of Kingdoms

    10 Most Profitable Games on the Play Store in June 2021

    1. Garena Free Fire
    2. Coin Master
    3. I'm Not Afraid: Cross Worlds
    4. Candy crush saga
    5. Lineage M
    6. Pokémon GO
    7. PUBG Mobile
    8. Roblox
    9. Uma Musume Pretty Derby
    10. Fate / Grand Order

    It is worth remembering that many of these games are free, that is, the profit is obtained through microtransactions or advertisements within the apps, such as cosmetics, extra “lives”, items, among others.

    Source: SensorTower

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