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    Most anticipated Android and iPhone games of 2018 – part 3

    Check out another list of games for Android and iOS coming in 2018. A year that promises a lot in terms of mobile games. We will have major releases like PUBG and some unknowns like CODE Survive and Tauceti Unknow Origins. If you haven't seen it yet, also check out the previous lists:

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    Video with images from the games:

    - PUBG Mobile

    Surely the most awaited game of 2018 is, I mean, the mobile versions of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. There will be two games that will soon enter beta testing in China. However, there is no confirmation of when they will be released in the West. The demand for the game is such that it already causes confusion even on Chinese and Vietnamese forums, with a lot of misinformation.

    – Devil May Cry

    The news arrived at the end of 2017 and took many fans by surprise. A Devil May Cry game is in development in China. Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat will be a game with elaborate graphics, using Unity 5 and will be released for free. It was not revealed if it will come to the west, but it is only known that it is an official game, made in partnership with CAPCOM.

    – One Piece Bounty Rush

    One Piece Bounty Rush is a game for Android and iOS that already has a date to arrive in Japan in 2018. In the west, the game is also practically confirmed, as Bandai Namco is not delaying anime game releases that much. Bounty Rush will be focused on action and combat and will have 3D graphics.

    – DC Unchained

    DC Unchained has been in soft launch for a long time, and it's sure to be a game that will get a lot of attention in 2018. The producer is 4:33 and she's focusing on bringing an action game with a lot of fighting between heroes and villains from A.D. The design is very beautiful. Practically a Marvel Future Fight from DC. It's worth the wait for this game.

    – The Lords of the Rings Living

    The Lords of the Rings cardgame promises to surprise in 2018. The game that is being tested on PC, will also be released for mobile phones. Unlike other titles of the genre, The Lords of the Rings Living cardgame will be a game where you get the expansion with all the cards, there are no random packages. A relief.

    – GRID Autosport

    GRID Autosport was launched for iOS in 2017. But gamers using the Android platform were left out. Now all that's left to do is wait, as the game has been confirmed for 2018. The only problem? It will be exclusive to top of the line devices. Most likely even older tops will be left out, as the game runs with difficulty even on the iPhone 6S.

    – Tauceti Unknow Origins

    Tauceti Unknow Origins impressed us with its “stunning” trailer, with visuals worthy of consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The question that remains is: will the mobile version be like this? According to the producer, the promise is of a game with PvE and PvP events, something between a Destiny and a Crisis.

    – Dead Rivals

    Dead Rivals (Ex-The Dying World) is a game that doesn't even look like Gameloft. Well, not from 2017's Gameloft. The gameplay is more open-world RPG oriented, with lots of content to explore. Really promising. Let's hope Gameloft doesn't spoil the game with in-app purchases and power limiters.

    – Code Survive

    Code Survive shows us that the Chinese are always thinking about richer experiences that are closer to those of consoles and PC. A nice example of this was NetEase's Battle Royale games. And precisely that same company, will bring a new and impressive game in 2018: Code Survive.

    This game was in beta testing in 2017, and will be released in 2018 only in China. But if the crowd makes the same noise they did with Rules of Survival, NetEase is quite capable of bringing it to the West as well.

    – Monster Hunter Stories

    Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off of the franchise with versions for Nintendo 3DS, iPhone and Android. Released in 2016 for Nintendo's handheld, the game arrived in late 2017 on smartphones. But only in Japan. The possibility of Monster Hunter Stories reaching the west is high. Because CAPCOM has changed its policy with smartphones, and promises major releases in 2018.

    And that was another list of anticipated games coming in 2018. Don't forget to check out the previous lists as well. Missed a game? Leave a comment.

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