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    Moonlighter: “The Merchant Link” Coming to Android and iOS

    Moonlighter is a fantastic game with elements reminiscent of “The Legends of Zelda”. Originally released for PC and Consoles in 2018, the game is coming to Android and iOS soon. Promise from 11 bit studios.

    The producer of this game is the same as the Anomaly and This War of Mine franchises.

    Moonlighter's story revolves around an NPC who got tired of this life of just being a merchant. He decides to go on a great adventure, after finding a sword.

    But his merchant days are not over. In the game, you go on a quest precisely to find fantastic items to sell in your store, and at the same time, quench your thirst for adventure.

    As far as the adventure part? Moonlighter takes a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and previous games.

    But the game adds a new element, store management. The player needs to manage his shop so that it can finance his adventures.

    It was not described by 11 bit studios when the game will reach mobile phones, but it seems that Moonlighter will be a paid and offline game. Let us pray!

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