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    Moonlighter: Roguelite Comes to Android “Free” for Netflix Subscribers

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Users of the Android you can play now moonlighter. The long-awaited action RPG and Roguelite is available to those who have a Netflix subscription. Moonlighter had already been released for iOS in 2020.

    Almost two years late, Moonlighter finally arrives on Android. However, Netflix games took the exclusivity of the game on the Play Store. With this, only those who subscribe to Netflix will be able to play the game.

    In Moonlighter, you are no “chosen one” or the savior of the world. The game puts you as the son of merchants who inherited the store from your parents. Bored, the hero seeks new adventures and goes after magical artifacts of great value himself. A game where the NPC takes the "reins" of the story.

    This version already includes all DLCs, including the most recent one called “Between Dimensions”.

    With translation into Spanish and without in-app purchases, Moonlighter is a very interesting option for those looking for a “zeldinha” on their cell phone. It is a light game and runs well on most smartphones. It just lacked support for Bluetooth controllers.




    Controversy on iOS

    On iOS, many fans didn't like the game being removed from Apple's app store in February 2022. And the reason for that is now revealed. The game returned as a Netflix game. It's really kind of annoying when a game you intended to buy is "hijacked" by some corporation to make it "exclusive" to them.



    Developer: DigitalSun
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 6.0 / iOS 11
    Language: Spanish | Size: 600MB


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