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    Moonlight Sculptor: KaKao's new MMORPG is successful even without being released in Spain

    Moonlight Sculptor was released by KaKao Games in late May. The new MMORPG based on a Korean light novel was developed by the same team that worked on ArcheAge.

    There is no confirmation that Moonlight Sculptors will be released in Spain. But that didn't stop Spanish players from checking out the game.

    The game's page on Google Play in the United States is already full of comments from Spaniards, who probably downloaded the game via VPN.

    With a Sword Art Online feel, the game takes place in the virtual world “Royal Road”. Players can choose from six classes: Sculptor, Alchemist, Archer, Mage, Paladin, and Warrior.

    One of the game's differentials is that despite being an MMORPG, it has an offline mode for players to "farm" while they are without internet connection.

    Game information on Google Play Store

    ▶ Control your destiny in this immersive STORY!
    Relive the story based on the famous light novel “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”, where you have complete freedom to play your way!

    ▶ Tournament of Champions! Battleground of Bravery!
    Achieve victory in weekly tournaments for the crown and epic rewards worthy of champions!

    ▶ Feel the heat of the action in Chaotic Arrival!
    Check out the ever-changing dungeons in Chaotic Arrival! Earn more EXP and rare treasures in these dungeons filled with nefarious foes and powerful bosses.

    ▶ Master your craft with everyday content!
    Not in the mood to fight? Decorate your house, prepare delicious recipes to strengthen yourself, go fishing or craft your own weapons and armor!

    ▶ Find the perfect companion!
    From pets to mercenaries, there will always be a reliable companion to follow you on your adventures.

    ▶ Collect shards to craft sculptures!
    Master the art of sculpting to decorate your home with your artwork and strengthen yourself. Will you join the moonlight sculptors one day?

    ▶ Play offline!
    Heroes never rest! Continue the captivating gameplay and action-packed combat in Sleep Mode, where you'll also get precious loot and EXP!


    In Spain soon

    Even though it is not yet available on the app stores in Spain, Moonlight Sculptor is already in Spanish, which perhaps indicates that the launch in our country is close.

    Want to test the game even if it doesn't appear on Google Play? Download the APK.



    Developer: KaoKao
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 10
    Language: Spanish | Size: 258 MB

    [originally published June 4, 2021]

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