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    Monument Valley developer is working on 2 new games

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    In the last episode of the webseries “Levels”, by Red Bull, the ustwo studio, creator of Monument Valley (Android e iOS). In the interview, they let slip that they are working on two new games, but neither is Monument Valley 3.

    In the video, Monument Valley is hailed as a role model. A mobile game that despite being paid, aroused the interest of famous people like Guilhermo Del Toro.

    ustwo is working on a narrative and social experience.

    Before I get too excited, neither game is Monument Valley 3. Still, a studio with a pedigree like this is undoubtedly working on something exciting.

    The first of these two games will focus on narrative and interpersonal relationships, while the other is based on real life. Will it look like Florence, who is from the same studio and won The Game Awards in the Mobile category?

    Red Bull's new video series offers interesting insights into the world of indie gaming. Too bad it doesn't have Spanish subtitles.

    Source: AndroidPolice

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