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    Monster Hunter Riders Launches for Android and iOS in Japan

    For those who already want to feel the taste of Monster hunter riders, know that the game was released in Japan today (19), for both Android and iOS.

    The game is a very “classy” JRPG, but that “translates the reality of free to play RPGs well”. In other words, it has good story and turn-based gameplay, but it has high monetization.

    The way to play is with the smartphone or tablet “standing” (portrait mode) and this can annoy some. The turn-based gameplay and scenarios reminded me of a Square Enix offline classic, Dragon Quest VIII. But CAPCOM's game is clearly inspired by its predecessor, Monster Hunter Stories, from which it borrowed its entire visual identity.

    But back to the launch. In Monster Hunter Riders the player will explore a world map full of missions. The game is not open world, you assemble your team, choose the mission and go into mini-combats, straight into battle.

    Monster Hunter Riders follows the pattern of modern free mobile RPG games from Japan. Visual anime, gacha mechanics and etc. Don't expect a unique adventure like in MH Stories. However, this can be an attractive game for those looking for free adventure only.

    – Requirements to play Monster Hunter Riders

    Despite looking lightweight, Monster Hunter Riders needs at least a relatively new (2017 onwards) Android smartphone with at least 3GB of RAM (can work with 2GB). On iOS, the minimum requirement is an iPhone 6S.

    App Store (IOS) – JAPAN

    Google Play (ANDROID) - JAPAN

    Developer: CAPCOM
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0
    Language: Japanese | Size: 1GB

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