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    Modern Combat Versus: New trailer details the game's story

    A Gameloft posted on Youtube a new trailer video featuring part of the story of Modern Combat Versus. The long-awaited first-person shooter (Android, iOS e Windows Phone) will take place in a post-apocalyptic future where a private company runs one of the few cities in existence. Check out the plot in the trailer below.

    Video with Spanish subtitles (turn on subtitles on the youtube gear icon)

    In a sarcastic tone, the narrator informs us that we live in a world where there are no more governments or culture. Due to a nuclear war, most of the planet has become uninhabitable. This explains why the new characters in Modern Combat Versus wear suits that completely cover the body. Each outfit has unique abilities and gives the game a more futuristic feel.

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    Surrounded by the walls of a city controlled by Korp, people are victims of a civil war. Two factions strategically clash, each with the goal of overthrowing Korp. These factions are: Agents of Chaos and Agents of Change.

    The trailer ends with some animations of the new soldiers. Unfortunately the video does not feature any gameplay.

    In the image above we can see six characters and they will likely be the starting group that we will be able to play with in Modern Combat Versus. On the right side are the Agents of Change and on the left side are the Agents of Chaos.

    Modern Combat Versus still has no scheduled release date. The game has already gained a hotsite and registration page. Apparently, the launch will be in 2017.

    Fingers crossed for Gameloft not to ruin everything with energy bar.


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