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    Modern Combat Versus isn't looking so good on Android

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    Modern Combat Versus is in beta testing at Android. The game that started its soft launch first on iOS can now be played by anyone who has a top-of-the-line device from Google's system. However, it looks like, like Gangstar New Orleans, Gameloft will have a long way to go to optimize the game.

    [UPDATE] Game already released in Spain! See how to download on Android

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    On the Galaxy S6, for example, the game runs without any kind of lighting effect and with dynamic shadows turned off. See the video of the game running on a Galaxy S6.

    This will likely be the look on similar devices and with less processing power. In other words, to run the game with a look like the iPhone 6 (2014!!!), you will need at least an Android phone with 4 GB of RAM, preferably released last year.

    Compare the video above of the Galaxy S6, with the one below of the game running on the iPhone 6 (below).

    [originally published May 20, 2017]

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