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    Modern Combat Versus: Here's How to Improve Graphics on Android

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    Modern Combat Versuss has arrived and has already started a whirlwind of complaints on Android. A lot of people who have top-of-the-line cell phones are getting the game with graphics on the low setting. For those who have Root, there is a solution in the "MacGyver" style hack that can greatly improve the game's graphics.

    It is worth remembering that the following tip is only for experimental character. We will change some internal game options via configuration file editing. Do it at your own risk.

    The image above is from the configuration on the PC with Windows 10. On Android the setups are the same, just changing the names Ultra is High, High is Mid and Low is Low.

    For this tip we will use the content explorer and editor X-Plore, but you can use any that offers Root access.

    Step 1. Make sure the Modern Combat Versus game is closed.

    Step 2. Open X-Plore and access the Root option.

    Step 3. Access the directory “/data/data/”.

    Step 4. In this folder, we will edit the “GameOptions_saved.json” file. For safety, create a copy of this file in another location. In case everything goes wrong, just paste the original copy back.

    Step 5. Locate your device's GPU and change the line in the same way as in the images below. What we're going to do is ask the game to put the graphic on “Ultra”. In the example below, we are going to edit the GPU of the Lenovo ZUK Z2. Because the game's graphic is only on "High" (Medium in the configuration).

    Editing consists of changing the parameter of your GPU. In this case, instead of the medium graph, we will set it to High, which in the case of the Modern Combat Versus configuration corresponds to “Ultra”. Search for your mobile's GPU description and edit as desired.

    Step 6. Save the file and start the game. If successful, you will see simulation of reflective objects (on the agents' armor) and soft shadows in real time in the environment and on the object itself (self shadow).

    Remember that this is a workaround, you will most likely experience slowdowns (crashes) because of this change to max graphics.

    - Conclusion

    It's easy to change the graphics setting of the Modern Combat Versus game. However, optimization is something much more complicated. You need to “brush the bits” to make sure the game looks its best without impacting frames per second. Our suggestion would be for the producer to add an option to the game, as in Windows 10, that allows the user to choose the configuration that best suits their device (and especially change the game's resolution), instead of releasing 200 updates trying to guess what which is best for the thousands of Android smartphones.

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