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    Modern Combat 11 Update 5 Comes to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

    The 11th update of Modern Combat 5: Blackout finally released for all Mobile systems. so much who has Android, iOS e Windows Phone (Windows 10), you will be able to enjoy the news such as new armor and a new multiplayer mode. Check the Spanish update log.

    new armor

    – The Vulcan

    The pinnacle of design and engineering goes by the name of Vulcan. Vulcan armor was specifically created to improve the Sapper class's combat capability. The design reveals technology capable of creating more durable hardware, as well as an increased storage capacity for ammo clips. Every armor in the game has a crafting lore. Check out The Vulcan's video.

    – Shibing

    Throughout history, Chinese wisdom and experience has been regarded as a valuable source of inspiration in warfare. The Shibing Armor, designed to honor the ancient ways of the warrior, was developed using the latest high-tech materials for great endurance on the battlefield. Check it out here.

    Sapper's new secondary ability: The Shotgun Turret

    The Shotgun Turret is a stationary automatic weapon that can be attached to the floor and ceiling. These are two “12” style firing barrels that can do a lot of damage at short distances.

    New mode: Countdown

    Round-based multiplayer game mode, eliminate enemy team or capture objective to win.
    Players will only spawn at the beginning of a round, and they have 15 seconds to buy power-ups (with intels, virtual currency that doesn't require spending real money).

    • Estimated time of each game: ~ 7 Min;
    • Time of each round: 120 seconds;
    • Number of rounds: 5;
    • Military support is disabled in this game mode;
    • Joining after a match starts is disabled after the first round.

    Gameloft Spain made a Livestream showing the new mode, check it out!


    • Players will spawn at your base and have 15 seconds to buy power-ups;
    • After the round starts the base (primary objective) will be visible on the minimap for both teams. The team that holds the base at the end of the round will win or alternatively you can win by eliminating all players on the enemy team. The base unlocks, becoming captureable, after the first 30 seconds of the round;
    • A Countdown mode-specific currency called Intel can be earned and spent by players on different power-ups at the start of each round;
    • A secondary objective (a small briefcase) that grants 40 Intel will spawn every 20 seconds, in a random location out of the 3 available on each map;
    • The secondary objective only provides an economic advantage at the beginning of the next round and cannot influence the ongoing round;
    • Capturing the first objective (the base) for the first time grants 10 Intel to all team members.
    • Holding the objective under your team's control will grant Intel to the entire team, at 15 second intervals;
    • In order to pickup the secondary objective (the briefcase) you just need to run over it. “Secondary objective safe” will be displayed on the screen of the player who took the secondary objective;
    • The round goes to “sudden death” [Round will not end] if no base has been captured and there are still active players on both teams.

    Power-ups that can be purchased in Countdown Mode:
    Tier 1 +30 Extra Extra Life: 30 Intel
    Tier 2 +50% Regenaramento: 40 Intel
    Tier 3 +20% Damage Reduction 80 Intel

    Tier 1 +35% Dano Extra: 50 Intel
    Tier 2 +30% Accuracy: 40 Intel
    Tier 3 +30% Weapon Range: 60 Intel

    Tier 1 +50% Enemy Base Capture Rate: 20 Intel
    Tier 2 Immune to do: 30 Intel
    Tier 3 +50% Reload Speed: 50 Intel

    Each Power-up (Tier) even has 3 layers. The next tier is unlocked and can be purchased once the previous tier has been acquired and is active. At the start of each match, players will have 15 seconds to purchase various upgrades. Each Power-up has its own cost and can only be purchased once. Once purchased, a power-up will last until the player dies.


    Once killed, a player will not respawn until the start of the next round. Each kill/assist provides 10 Intel.

    New gun rental system

    Have you ever wanted to try this high level weapon but you don't have all the blueprints? If you saved your diamond dust, you can now use it to rent weapons.

    Hire is available for all weapons provided you have the class they belong to unlocked. Once the lease expires, the weapon will automatically unequip.

    Black market

    • Increased purchasable items from 3 to 5;
    • Added more items: Models, Mastery Kits and Armor Pieces;
    • The list of available items will change periodically;
    • Changing the entire list of start items available for purchase can be done using credits;
    • Buying the same item multiple times will increase its price with each purchase;
    • Only consumable items are subject to being purchased a multiple number of times (weapon parts, mod kits, mastery kits, blueprints). Armor or killsigns can only be purchased once.

    Squad Battles

    Once the squad match ends, all players will be placed on the quest screen for the next match.

    iOS Exclusive Stream Kit

    iOS players are now able to stream their gameplay and front camera to directly from the Modern Combat 5 game app.

    Various bug fixes

    Photos: Modern Combat 5 official page not Facebook

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