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    Mobile gaming revenue grows 26% in 2020

    Mobile gamer spending increased 25,7% year-over-year during Q2020 to QXNUMX of XNUMX. According to Sensor Tower, mobile gaming revenue has increased this year, largely due to the pandemic and take-back policies and “lockdown”. Players' spending on mobile games was also driven by the pursuit of in-home entertainment.

    In all, in the first nine months of 2020, players have already spent more than US$ 60 billion dollars (something around R$ 327 billion reais).

    Spending on games on the App Store increased 25,3% year-on-year. Meanwhile, on Google Play, player spending grew a little faster, up 26,3% Y/Y to $23,5 billion.


    deeper analysis

    The Sensor Tower website went deep in analyzing how mobile gamers behaved during this very unusual year. Per the site, we can see that player spending has continued to increase throughout the first three quarters of 2020, although that growth has been slowing since the height of lockdowns in mid-year. In the first quarter, player spending reached $17,7 billion, while in the second quarter, revenue grew 13,6% in the quarter to over $20 billion. In the third quarter, growth slowed, with player spending growing 4,1% in the quarter to nearly $21 billion. Player spending for the first half of the year peaked in May at approximately $7 billion, while during the first nine months of 2020 gross revenue peaked at around $7,1 billion in August.

    During the first nine months of the year, the United States ranked first in revenue, generating $16,5 billion in App Store and Google Play spend, a figure that increased 38,8% year-over-year. Japan was in second place with more than $13 billion in spending, an increase of approximately 19 percent Y/Y. China was in third place, racking up $10,6 billion in the App Store alone.

    The number of mobile game downloads also jumped in the first nine months of 2020.

    Google Play downloads during the first nine months of 2020 were up 42,8% year-over-year (Y/A), jumping to a staggering 34.7 billion games downloaded in just nine months. On the App Store, meanwhile, downloads increased by 15,9% from Q2020 to Q8 of 2019 to around 1 billion downloads. During the same period in XNUMX, installations had increased by just XNUMX%.

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