Mobile Gamer Podcast #4 – Our podcast is back!

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We're back after over a year with our Mobile Gamer podcast. And with a controversial subject. Did you see the hatred of other gamers for mobile games at E3?

In this episode, Dario, João, Leonardo – and a special guest – JóJó will discuss why mobile games are seen as a “bad thing” at the biggest game fair on the planet.

- Participants:

  • Dario Coutinho (Website Editor)
  • Leonardo Dantas (A-Tech Gaming)
  • john Baptist
  • JoJo (JÓJÓmortal)

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Subjects cited:

Metal Gear Touch

Apple Arcade: new service targets premium and OFFLINE games

Tekken Mobile is canceled after a year of its launch

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be remastered on mobile

War of the Visions will be released globally for Android and iOS

Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 (Android e iOS)

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad announced for mobile

Commander Keen is revitalized for mobile

Bethesda announces Orion, technology to improve cloud gaming

Project xCloud arrives in October for Android and iOS

Gear Pop announced at E3

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