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    Mobile Gamer Interview: How Netmarble Brings Marvel's 1st Mobile Open World Action RPG to Life

    Marvel future revolution is already among us and the game has been drawing attention because of its impressive visuals and well-crafted plot.

    We had the opportunity to chat via email with the Production Director at Netmarble, Joe LeeAnd Director of Product Development at Marvel Games, Danny Koo. They gave us their vision of how the game's universe connects with the comics and movies, and what we can expect from the future of the game.

    Q: How does the Marvel Future Revolution universe connect with the MCU?

    Lee: While there are some similarities to the Marvel comics worldview as a whole, the setting was created specifically for the game. The game pays a lot of homage to the MCU, comics and animation settings, but anyone who hasn't seen the MCU or Marvel Comics will still be able to easily understand the vast Marvel universe and get to know the characteristics of various superheroes.

    The costumes are also portrayed in a way that spans everything from comics, the MCU, and Netmarble Monster's original design costumes. Of course, the ones from the comics and the MCU were produced with reference to their designs, and the original Netmarble Monster design was created by the original character design team. We defined several themes and made them accordingly. Outfits can be obtained through in-game rewards and crafting.

    Koo: We intend to continue progressing with an original story. From now on, we are solely focused on creating a great mobile gaming experience for the launch of MARVEL Future Revolution. With that said, we're always looking forward to future development of new content that can be added to improve the overall MARVEL Future Revolution experience.

    Q: The amount of plot and non-interactive scenes is impressive. Will there be more content like this in future updates?

    Lee: For starters, we will continue to add new superheroes, regions, and the stories to accompany these additions. Additionally, we are planning to increase the content that users can interact with, including alliance-based game modes.

    In the future, which is already underway, we plan to update the game sequentially with a variety of new content for players to enjoy. Specific details will be announced in the future.

    Q: The game impresses with its lightness. Is there any possibility of a PC or Console version being released?

    Koo: This game is available exclusively on mobile platforms.

    Q: The singleplayer action is impressive, but what about the competitive mode? Will it be 1v1 or will multiple players face off in different modes?

    Lee: At different levels, players unlock different types of multiplayer content, including Blitz, Special Operations, Raids, and more. All of this leads to MARVEL Future Revolution's main multiplayer content, which is the endgame, titled Omega War, which is a 10-on-10 battle between high-level players.

    Blitz is PvE content that players can leverage to level up their character; is the main source of Battle Badges (which is an in-game equipment). You can acquire battle emblems that help your character grow every 10 levels.

    Raid is content for which you can acquire materials that activate after level 70. It is more challenging than Blitz, and the supervillain standard is also more difficult. In Ultimate, the highest level difficulty mode, users may have to cooperate in the 4-player party to complete the mission.

    Omega Wars is considered a team PvP e-Sports mode. There are elements that users can earn a lot of points to win, even if the character's level is low and the combat power is insufficient. Various game modes are mixed, and the team with the best score in the limited time wins.

    The Dark Zone is content where large numbers of people, such as teams and alliances, compete with each other for an objective. It can be occupied as PvP content depending on the goals that the parties aim for. As the Dark Zone is only operated on a limited number of channels, there are options that prevent users from re-entering the battle if one of them dies multiple times, it can be content that requires maximum cooperation at high voltage.

    Q: How will the previous game, Marvel Future Fight, look like? Will it continue to receive content regularly, or is there any initiative to bring players to Marvel Future Revolution?

    Lee: We tried to combine our experience and insights we learned from MARVEL Future Fight's 6-year long-term service to around 120 million users worldwide.

    MARVEL Future Fight is aging very well and still getting a lot of love from the community. We will continue to do our best to keep MARVEL Future Fight fresh and exciting.

    Koo: For MARVEL Future Revolution, we're just getting started. We're seeing one of the biggest releases in gaming history and we just want to maintain that greatness!

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