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    Mobile game Tom Clancy's Elite Squad will end in October

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    Ubisoft will shut down the servers and completely shut down the mobile game Tom Clancy's Elite Squad. The closing news comes a year after its release shrouded in much controversy.

    Released in August 2020, the strategy game will end on October 4th. Tom Clancy's Elite Squad had very small numbers of downloads and revenue, and apparently only survived longer due to controversy.

    Tom Clancy's Elite Squad arrived shortly after Area F2 was abruptly removed from the app stores. Area F2 was a game very similar to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PC game, and many fans thought that Elite Squad would be a “Rainbow Six Mobile”.

    The discontent with Elite Squad for not being a Rainbow Six turned revolt when the first gameplays appeared. The game was just an auto-battle game with “gacha” elements.

    As if all that wasn't enough, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad generated a huge controversy outside the mobile gamer world. The game had a plot that suggested that the protests around the world were acts of “terrorists”. The controversy came to a head when the game's trailer showed images that resembled the "Black Lives Matter" symbol.

    Currently, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad has less than 10 downloads per month and less than $50 monthly. It might seem like a lot for an indie developer, but for giant companies like Ubisoft, it doesn't seem like it was enough to keep the project going.

    And you, what do you think? Did you download the game? Leave a comment!

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    Fonte: Gamasutra.

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