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    Mobile game market will end 2022 “down”, says report

    In 2022 things happened that we never imagined, but listen to this: the mobile gaming market, considered the gold mine by game producers, recorded a fall again compared to previous years. AND should close 2022 worse than 2021.

    The first time this happened was in 2021, when many thought it was another effect of the pandemic, but with the outbreak under control, or almost at an end, reality has arrived to impose itself on the mobile games market as well.

    In August, a report from the Sensor Tower Game Intelligence confirmed a 10% revenue drop across both app stores.

    In September, the new Sensor Tower report brings even encouraging predictions. According to the report, public spending on mobile games is expected to fall by just 2%. The same study points out that the revenue of the Google Play app store will drop 8.3% compared to last year.

    The mobile gaming industry is facing significant headwinds in 2022 due to challenges such as inflation, cost of living crisis and changes in IDFA. Sensor Tower's latest report, Mobile Gaming Market Outlook 2022, provides an overview of the key trends in the industry, as well as an analysis of how the industry is performing and where it is heading. It also features deep dives into genres like Card Battler, MMORPG and Real-Time Strategy, showcasing the rising stars of the industry.


    While player spending has increased in the pandemic, peaking in Q2021 22,6 at $116 billion. The decline in the first and second semesters may be reversed at the end of the year.

    Mobile market down right now. Source: Sensor Tower.

    In the first half of 2022, player spending dropped 6% compared to last year, a drop of US$ 21,2 billion (R$ 109 million). But in the second half of the year, the fall continues, reaching 6,9%, compared to the second half of 2022.

    According to Sensor Tower, the fall will not be greater due to the end of the year, which promises to reverse the situation to a drop of only 2,3%.


    But 2023 promises…

    While it remains to be seen how macroeconomic and political factors play out the rest of the year and 2023 will impact the world, Sensor Tower's forecasts show a return to growth in 2023. With the sector up 5,6% to US$ 117 billion (659 billion) in 2026.

    Source: Sensor Tower

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