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    Mobile game market is already bigger than PC and Console together

    It happened! The mobile games market (cell phones and tablets) has already grown to the point of swallowing the percentage of PC and consoles combined. Mobile games now account for 52% of the gaming industry, according to a Newzoo study.

    This is also what other surveys, such as ResearchAndMarkets and ReportLinker, point to. According to each of them, the mobile gaming market will still grow by more than 11% by 2030, thanks to initiatives such as cloud gaming and others. ResearchAndMarkets goes further to claim that mobile already represents 57% of the gaming market.

    According to these analysis agencies, there are two main reasons for this growth in mobile, which has been slowing down in recent years, but has regained a lot of strength:

    1. Traditional game companies like Activision and EA are increasing their focus on mobile, after realizing how profitable the market is compared to PC and Consoles. Part of this “perception” comes from partnerships they have made with Chinese companies such as Tencent, Sea and Perfect World – who already have great experience in mobile. From 2021, western companies intend to launch their mobile games with their own development, leaving aside such partnerships.

    2. The other reason is 5G technology. With the arrival and popularization of the ultra-fast internet, a wide range of possibilities for mobile games will be opened. This includes cloud games, something that makes more sense for smartphones and tablets than for PCs and consoles, as the latter already support such games naturally.

    The Newzoo report is categorical in stating that “PC and consoles can no longer ignore mobile”. The market giants already know this. It's no wonder that Microsoft and Nvidia have been investing heavily in Cloud Gaming.

    The Rise of “Heavyweight Games”

    According to the Newzoo report, China has been dictating the rules for “high-fidelity” games (games with high-quality graphics) since 2016. As time went by, smartphone games became more complex and this required cell phones. more potent.

    As of 2019, it has been noted that consumer appetite for entry-level or mid-range smartphones has declined. Most consumers want high-end smartphones or the so-called “premium intermediates” that are “mid-range” looking devices, but high-end processors.

    Fontes: Newzoo, ResearchAndMarkets e ReportLinker.

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