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    Minecraft: Part 2 of one of the biggest updates comes to mobile

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    One of the most awaited updates in the entire history of Minecraft, Caves & Cliffs finally won its second part last Tuesday (30), bringing a ton of news, including new biomes, changes in world generations and other news that arrived on all platforms including cell phones.

    The prominent changes in the Caves & Cliffs: Part 2 update are related to the generation of biomes and the world itself. The height and depth limit has been modified, allowing the world to be taller and deeper respectively. The new dimensions are now between Y: 320 and Y: -64.

    The caves and mountains also draw attention, as we now have different shapes and biomes in them. Among the highlighted biomes are Jagged Peaks, Meadows, Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves, all of which are part of mountainous and cavernous areas.

    The generation of caves has undergone enormous changes with the addition of Noise Caves, which are divided into three: Cheese Caves, which are large and open; Spaghetti Caves, which are the narrow ones, and the Noodle Caves, which are the winding (serpentine) caves.

    Aquifers are also part of the newest cave upgrade, bringing flooded caves or even underground lakes. Of course, with the changes of cave generations, the ores also had to undergo modifications in their spawn.

    Now it is possible to find real deposits, that is, a large concentration of ores, which will make the game easier. There was also an adjustment in the distribution of these minerals, to compensate for the new depth of the caves.

    Caves & Cliffs: Part II is not just about caves and mountains, bringing fixes for over 70 bugs, new music, new achievements, changes to monster generation, etc.

    You can play the update right now on both your Android and iOS. If you were curious to learn more about the update check out the full notes on the official Minecraft website.

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