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    Mindcell: new action game for Android (OFFLINE)

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    Developed by Ray Spark, mindcell It's a third-person game for Android that embraces the “Cyberpunk” fad, but offers good quality in exchange for it. The game arrived this week as a premium title (R$10,99) and completely offline.

    Ray Spark is an old acquaintance of ours. Author of games like Slaughter (1, 2 and 3), this producer creates games that are beautiful, but that run on weak smartphones as well. With Mindcell it is no different, the game runs very well on “entry” cell phones.

    As in previous games from the producer, the trick to save resources on your smartphone is to play indoors. The graphics are beautiful, but a more attentive eye will see where the economy is.

    In Mindcell, you control Seth, a guy who was the fruit of cybernetic experiments. He is trapped in a laboratory and will have to fight against various enemies to escape. The protagonist can use, in addition to melee weapons (pieces of iron, etc.), firearms and even lasers. As said, it's a Cyberpunk world, so you can expect to face robots and cyborgs, in addition to humans, of course.

    Despite seeming more like a “generic” game, Mindcell's differential, compared to other games of the genre, is having a story that is even in Spanish. The game has cutscenes, dialogues, beginning, middle and end. It is very interesting to see the evolution of the Ray Spark studio both in narrative and in making the best use of smartphone resources.

    To top it off Mindcell supports gamepads / Bluetooth controllers.


    Developer: Ray Spark
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 4.1 or higher
    Size: 571 MB

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