Mibro T1: the best cheap Android smartwatch “Apple Watch style”

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A My book just launched Micro T1, an affordable smartwatch ideal for anyone looking for a cheap alternative to the Apple Watch.

The Mibro T1 arrives costing only R$ 274 reais in the launch promotion of the Aliexpress website.

An inexpensive alternative to the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch smart watch has an eye-catching design. However, the value of R$ 3.400 is prohibitive for many people.

And what would you do if you knew that there is an excellent alternative for Android? A watch with an equally beautiful design, but which costs 10 times less?

Meet the Mibro T1.

Unlike other cheap smartwatches that have a rectangular shape, similar to the Apple Watch, the Mibro T1 comes full of features, long-lasting battery, amoled screen and the possibility of answering calls directly through the watch.

Check out the features of the watch:

  • Name: Mibro T1 – Smart Watch
  • Body Dimension: Diameter=43mm, Thickness=11,3mm
  • Band Dimension: Width=20mm, Unfolded Length 248mm
  • Weight: 53,3g (Including bracelet)
  • Material: Metal + Silica + Liquid Gel
  • Display: 1.6 inch Amoled screen
  • Definition: 320x 360 pixels
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Charge: Magnetic Charging cable
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Sensor: PPG Bio、G-heart rate sensor
  • Waterproof & Dustproof: 2TM
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~45℃


  •  MIBRO T1 cheaper, only R$ 274

What's good about the Mibro T1

The Mibro brand is already an old acquaintance here on the site. We have reviewed the Mibro Air in the past, an inexpensive and excellent quality smartwatch. He is still here with us and is used for physical activities on a regular basis. With almost 2 years of use, the battery continues with the same autonomy as the day we opened it.


You can expect the same quality in T1. With the bonus that it's waterproof for accidental dips, rain, showers, etc.

Receive and make calls from the watch

This function may seem useless at first glance, but it is ideal for those who practice physical activity or are driving when they receive a call. With the Mibro T1, you can answer and make calls quickly. The watch has both a microphone and a speaker and allows you to answer calls in a very practical and natural way.

20 types of sport

This smartwatch can track up to 20 different types of sports. Unlike a Mi Band, it has a greater accuracy of the activity, even if the smartphone's GPS is turned off. Anyone who has used a Mi Band without a cell phone knows that tracking a walk or run outdoors is never accurate, but with the Mibro T1, the data is very close to reality. This is something that few people will tell you.

hundreds of watchfaces

It has hundreds of fun Watchfaces to customize your smartphone. If you don't like any, the user can still use an editor and create their own custom watchface.


Comparison with competitors

Which smartwatches would be the direct competitors of the Mibro T1?

The Mibro T1 has some good competitors and some pretty bad ones. For those looking to buy something similar in Spain, in the same price range, you will certainly be making a great choice when preferring the T1. The build quality is far superior in addition to the amount of features.


  •  MIBRO T1 cheaper, only R$ 274

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