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    Mevius Final Fantasy is now Mobius and the protagonist is less “diva”

    A Square-Enix changed the name of the next final Fantasy to arrive at Android e iOS. formerly called Mevius Final Fantasy, the game is now called Mobius Final Fantasy. There were also visible changes to the clothing of the game's protagonist, to make the character less "sexy" (that is, less diva).

    The producer held a presentation on the 2nd of this month, where he demonstrated a few minutes of gameplay, and presented the changes. According to the game's producer: "When the screenshots were released in December, we saw a lot of reactions online, and in the end, we realized it was too skinny (talking about the character's clothing)..." producer Yoshinori Kitase commented at the presentation. Square Enix Online.

    In the video above, you can see the gameplay from the beginning. In the presentation, an iPhone 6 was used, but the game is also confirmed for Android. There is no information on when the western version will be released.

    “It's a little sexy,” host Asuna said. “maybe a little too much.” “For this game, we are moving forward during development and letting it evolve, taking into account user input, so I asked the character designer to make a change,” Kitase replied.

    This was not a unanimous decision, and appears to have been prompted primarily by reaction from the Western public. According to Kitase, there is a chance that the original outfit will be reinstated if there is public demand (?).

    It is important to note that the player character's clothing will be dictated by their job, and the attire in question is just the standard outfit worn by Onion Knights.

    Kitase also noted that the character's back will be exposed, to reveal his tattoo, which will have special in-game symbology.

    Is that you? Do you think the protagonist's clothes are less "Diva"? Comment!


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