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    Metal Slug 4 is released for Android and iOS

    The classic Metal Slug 4 was released this week for mobile phones as part of the ACA Neo Geo initiative. The game is paid and offline and costs R$ 22,90 on both Android and iOS.

    Metal Slug 4 takes place one year after the events of Metal Slug 3 and 6. New characters Nadia and Trevor will join Marco and Fiolina.

    The heroes set out on a mission to stop a cybernetic virus created by the villains of the Amadeus Syndicate and General Morden's Rebel Army. Of course, everything is an excuse for a new game with a lot of shooting and character transformation, one of the funniest mechanics in the game.

    The other novelties are the possibility of using two "machine gun", the Metallish System, which is a system of exclusive combos of Metal Slug 4 and the hilarious transformation into a monkey.

    Metal Slug 4 is a very short game and matches the proposal of being a casual run and gun for mobile (casual in easy right?). It only takes an hour to get to the end of the game and about 2 hours if you want to do everything.

    The gameplay below is from the Nintendo Switch, but it's basically the same game:




    Developer: SNK/MEGA
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: English | Size: 200MB


    About Metal Slug 4

    Metal Slug 4 is the product of a joint venture between Mega Enterprise, a Korean game distribution and publishing company, and Noise Factory, a Japanese company focused on creating musical scores.

    When SNK declared bankruptcy, Mega Enterprise still retained its rights to distribute various SNK titles in Korea. Mega went a step further by acquiring the authorization to continue producing various SNK titles, most notably the Metal Slug series, which was very popular in South Korea.

    As Mega Enterprise didn't have the technical expertise to produce a game from scratch, it teamed up with Noise Factory, which helped make the game's soundtrack and various programming and design concepts. Metal Slug 4 was created using Metal Slug X as a base. After spending approximately 400 million won (approximately US$400.000), Metal Slug 4 was finally released in December 2002.

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