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    Metal Revolution will be re-released by GT Arcade on Android and iOS

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    After not so successful beta testing last year. Metal Revolution, originally developed by Tencent Games, will be released in the west by GT Arcade.

    The production company is spending a considerable amount of $$ on advertising and she wants the game to be a success.

    The fighting game draws attention for its graphics and correct gameplay, but maybe the robots don't generate the expected charisma to keep players playing.

    Which is really a shame because Metal Revolution really deserves our attention. The fighting game is one of the best released in recent years.

    This game is not one of "drag the finger". You command all the movements of the fighters with the right to buttons like the console ones and special moves.

    The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Street Fighter, with quick hits and a focus on combos and “super moves”.

    There is no confirmed release date yet, but rumors point out that the game will arrive sometime in 2021.

    Check out more information on the official website:

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