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    Mega Man X Dive launches on Google Play in Spain (Early Access)

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    Android fans, who live in Spain, can now check out the new CAPCOM game, Mega Man X Dive. The game is in early access, but the servers are already up and running. Mega Man X Dive is a free game, but requires an internet connection.

    The story of Mega Man X Dive takes place in the digital world of the popular franchise. Travel with Mega Man and Zero to the Digital World and defeat enemies. Eventually some "bugs" happen and characters can merge and create insane versions.

    – How is Mega Man X Dive

    The good news is that this time, CAPCOM decided to make a real game, in which we can at least control the character. Dive lets you control Blue Bomber just like in the past.

    Despite looking like a 2D game, Mega Man X Dive features completely 3D graphics.

    In the game, you control Mega Man or Zero in quick missions, with short but action-packed stages. According to CAPCOM there will also be a PVP mode where players will be able to face each other.

    At the time of publishing this article. The game is still in closed beta testing (CBT) phase. To play, you need to make one on the official website. Otherwise, you will not have a password to access the game.

    But Mega Man X Dive's CBT will be short. CAPCOM plans to release the game in September, on the 16th.



    Developer: CAPCOM
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 900MB

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