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    Meet the Nominees for “Best Mobile Game of 2019” at The Game Awards

    See the games for Android and iOS nominated for the award for best mobile game of 2019. The Game Awards is one of the main awards of the year and is one of the most awaited events by gamers.

    The Game Awards always take place at the end of the year. In 2019, it will take place on December 12th. The Jury of the award is made up of great representatives of the games industry, but also has a popular vote.

    For this year the mobile games that will compete are:

    Call of Duty Mobile

    Activision and Tencent's first and third-person shooter arrived in 2019. The title features console graphics and mind-blowing gameplay. In addition to traditional maps, COD Mobile also features Battle Royale mode and zombie mode.

    Link de COD Mobile Android e iOS.


    Capybara Games' puzzle game has arrived as an iOS exclusive. The title is only available on Apple Arcade. Grindstone is a simple and addictive battles puzzle game. It's not the only Apple Arcade game to make the list.

    Link the Grindstone to App Store (iOS).

    Sayonara Wild Hearts

    Music game long awaited by fans of Japanese pop culture (and K-Pop too) arrived first on Apple Arcade. Players must tap the screen at the exact moment for the animation to continue and the characters to blast everything ahead to the sound of lots of “electronic” music. The art direction and exclusive music are the strong points of the game.

    Link to Sayonara on the App Store (iOS).

    Sky: Children of the Light

    Adventure game that draws a lot of attention for its vast and beautiful scenarios. The player controls a child who can fly. The objective is to recover the “light of the world”. The game looks offline, but in reality it is an online game where players must cooperate with each other.

    Link the Sky to App Store (iOS).

    What the Golf?

    Another Apple Arcade exclusive game. This game is reminiscent of crazy games like Human Fall Flat. In this title with crazy physics, the player must do everything to get the balls into the holes. Even if, for that, you need to throw everything that is ahead of you. In addition to the ball, you can throw pancakes, toast, cats and even cars into the holes.

    Link de  What the Golf na App Store (iOS).

    – Still in the awards

    The game Gris will also be present at The Game Awards. The game released for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Mac OS is a platform title in which the scenarios are representations of a girl's feelings. She is trapped in a state of depression and the player follows the evolution of the frame as he progresses through the game.

    Gris is nominated for “Games for Impact”, “Fresh Indie Game” and “Art Direction”. The game Sayonara Wild Hearts also competes in the “Score & Music” category.

    Link do Gris na App Store (iOS).

    – We missed some games at The Game Awards

    In terms of mobile, I missed some titles. Among them my main complaint is about Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. One of the most anticipated mobile games of all time has arrived on iOS bringing an experience very close to the classic “The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild” (close, but not equal, ok? relax).


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