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    Meet the “Gamer de Celular”, the Mobile Gamer website Podcast

    New year, new projects. We missed an exclusive podcast about mobile games. We don't see, or rather, hear, anyone exclusively debating this topic – except for Pocketcast, which is in English. So why not create our Podcast in very Spanish PT-BR?

    To start our first episode, let's discuss the following topics: “Automatic” games, “Widows” by Gameloft and Piracy. Yea! All very controversial!

    Have you ever wondered why so many games come out where you can barely control anything? Why do many people still expect AAA games from Gameloft? Why is Piracy on Android rampant? Let's discuss these subjects and more mobile games.

    - Participants:

    • Dario Coutinho (Website Editor)
    • John the Baptist (Mobilizing)
    • Leonardo Dantas (A-Tech Gaming)

    – How to listen to Mobile Gamer Podcast?

    To listen to our podcast just “play” on the Player below. The podcast will play even with your cell phone screen off.

    If you are seeing this post in the website application or in another vehicle such as AMP pages or Google Banking, Access the full version of the website.


    On PC, right-click Download and choose “Save Link” to save the podcast. On Android, you can do the same thing with Chrome.

    – Games mentioned


    Black Desert

    – Subjects cited

    Gameloft interview

    Asphalt 9


    – Mentioned podcasts



    little pixel

    In the middle of the week there will be another episode! Hold!

    [originally published March 17, 2018]

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